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Meet the Team

Hi there.

We are Team Faux.

You do not know us - but we are here - and hopefully we do not know you.
Our purpose is simple. We approach situations that others wouldn't believe, and we follow through according to the conditions.
Sounds vague. Well, sometimes it seems like that way to us too.
We gather intel - and act according to the intel. If the intel tells us something unbelievable, we don't necessarily believe it - but, we act as it is real - not matter how incredible it might sound to us.

So, if you have a problem - that you don't think anyone would ever believe you - we are the people for you.
No, we are not "powered"/"gifted". No, we do not necessarily believe there are "powered"/"gifted" people out there. However, we do 100 % work according to the reality we are presented with - and we always come out on top.

Consider the impossible - and choose someone who does the same.