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Journal of Night Terrors

I have many times over the years had night terrors (https://goo.gl/98LD5) - or at least something resembling night terrors a lot. I'm not worried about these episodes, but rather find them quite interesting, primarily due to one aspect being significantly different from most people's night terrors: I can remember them afterwards (or perhaps just some of them) - with my feelings, hallucinations, and actions during them. Other than the fact that I can remember the episodes, all other signs fit with the general description of night terrors: I wake up less than 2 hours after I've gone to bed - feeling angst, frightened, hallucinating, sweating, confused, and with my heart beating fast. The feelings of fear and angst go away little by little while the hallucinations are quite vivid for several minutes until I either directly confront them or they fade away by themselves.
While I considerably quickly am able to calm myself down, I still sometimes believe the hallucinations are real for a little while after I'm calmed down. The whole thing is over in 3-12 minutes and I am then able to go right back to sleep, but sometimes I stay up to think about what just happened.

I'm planning on writing down and posting everything I can remember about my night terrors as I experience them in the future, but there's no saying when or if I will experience them again. For now I'll go through the night terrors I most vividly can remember in these sections.

   - @Halfdan@mastodon.online