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What is this?
[REDACTED] is a simple, effective, and affordable solution for a problem that a lot of people have. If you need someone redacted from your life, and everyone else's, then [REDACTED] is exactly what you need. Our system takes care of everything in a matter of seconds - and all you have to do is click a button.  As easy as pie.

Wait, what do you mean by "redacted"?
Our patented ExistenceRedaction™ system redacts unwanted individuals as requested by the users of [REDACTED].  You request it; we deliver... in a matter of seconds.

Are are seriously telling me that you'll permanently get rid of people I don't want in my life?
Yes. The [REDACTED] system is able to redact whomever you want.

Whomever? Even myself?
Yes. Our system fully supports self-redaction. (Disclaimer: Special cases may deviate.)

You keep talking about your 'system'. Is there any human side to your business?
We are delighted to say that the operation of [REDACTED] has been 100 % free of humans since 1998. Yep, that's right - the system has been running for more than 30 years without any influence from any human being. The [REDACTED] system is fully automatic and autonomous. In fact there has only been one person on staff since 2007 - me, the Texas PR gal. ;-P

... What? Autonomous? Who is hosting the system? Who is getting the payments? Who is controlling all of this?
No one. I understand the confusion. Let me explain. The system was made to be self-hosting and self-controlling - though of course not self-expanding. The payments for the redactions are deposited into more than a 1000 different bank accounts, each only known to and accessible by the system. Payments for the >250 hosting firms are handled by the system itself, with additional hosting by semi-voluntary private individuals paid through annoymous contributions. In this way [REDACTED] can gurantee accessibility way beyond what any other company or service on Earth has ever been able to do.

Oh, shi... Ugh... So, when did all of this start?
I'm glad you asked. It all started back in April of '61 when funding was finally approved for Neville [REDACTED]'s "Redaction Project". The team started small, but almost everyone were fully devoted to making the project succeed despite opposition from the scientific, religious, philosophical, and political societies. The resistance from other scientists eventually became so bad that Neville [REDACTED] and three colleagues faked the project's death in July of '69. The project kept going in secret, funded by several governments and a few multinational companies. Then, finally, after a little more than two decades underground, [REDACTED] stuck its head up in public, taking part in Taejŏn Expo '93.

Then what happened?
At Taejŏn Expo '93 [REDACTED] was presented in two different categories. Firstly, as a universal localization system able to pinpoint any human being on Earth (though with a minor issue, resulting in the death of the located subject). Secondly, as a self-preserving system, able to adapt to almost any situation, while at the same time NEVER expanding its predefined reach or capabilities. [REDACTED] was met with some confusion and a lot of scepticism during the exposition - but generally the project was overlooked.

To be continued...